“Looking For A Girl To Give Birth To A Baby” — 60-Year-Old Korean Man Charged After Publicly Scouting For Teenaged Girls

He wanted someone to take care of him like a wife.

On March 22, 2023, a 60-year-old South Korean grandpa was charged with violating a law that protects children’s rights, including sexual harassment and coercion of inappropriate acts.

On March 8 and 15, he hung a banner near a girls’ high and middle school in Daegu. Police deemed that the banner contained wording that could harm the minors and incite embarrassment.

The truck with the problematic banner. | edaily

The banner asked for any willing student to take care of the grandpa as a wife. It was hung on the side of a truck meant to drive a willing participant.

Looking for a girl of around 13 to 20 years of age that absolutely doesn’t want to study anymore and is willing to sacrifice themselves to a rough 60-year-old grandpa who lives alone, giving birth to his baby and doing household work. Please come via this truck.

— Banner

The truck was quickly reported on March 8, and the police was dispatched to arrest the grandpa. He was indicted for indecent advertisement but repeated the act outside a girls’ high school on March 15. It was then that he was arrested for harassment and more.

It was later revealed that the grandpa was suffering from schizophrenia and is currently receiving treatment. His lawyer also requested settlement instead of a sentence, citing that he needs treatment, not punishment. His trial is upcoming in April.

Source: EDaily

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