Korean Man Deceives Girlfriend Of 3 Years, Sexually Assaults Her With Another Man

He also filmed their intimate moments 150 times.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Two men in their early twenties were arrested and indicted on April 17 on the charges of sexual assault, including rape, under the Sexual Violence Prevention Act.

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The two defendants, identified as “A” and “B,” are both 23 years old. “A” was the victim’s boyfriend of three years and the main perpetrator in this case, while “B” is being charged as an accomplice. He allegedly deceived the victim into taking sleeping pills in the guise of hangover cure and sexually assaulted her three times with “B” last December.

“A” also illegally filmed himself during sexual intercourse without his girlfriend’s permission and distributed them as many as 604 times on social media. It is being reported that “B” got in touch with “A” after coming across his social media post, and the two made the plan to commit the crime together.

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“A” reportedly used his phone camera and a pre-installed fire-alarm-shaped camera in his house to film the intimate moments between him and his girlfriend. The police found over 150 such illegal videos. Additionally, they also found 13 videos of several women filmed without their knowledge on his personal server that have been taken since May last year.

The prosecution executed a search and seizure at the suspects’ houses and found sleeping pills, along with written plans on how they would execute the crime. The two accused have been indicted by the Cheongju District Prosecutors’ Office’s Criminal Division 2. They are expected to receive more than ten years in prison under the Special Act of Sexual Violence Crimes.

Cheongju District Court

The prosecutor’s office also informed the media that all the illegal video content distributed by “A” have been pulled off the internet with the help of the Digital Sex Crime Victim Support Center. An official reassured the public, “We will respond strictly to sexual violence crimes in the future and do our best to protect and support victims.”

The news has shaken South Korean netizens, who are further despaired by the lack of basic security for women in their society.

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  • “3 years..? Please stop telling women to date. This world is crazy.”
  • “Crazy.”
  • “He’s a real psycho. They shouldn’t have written ‘girlfriend’ in the article. Can you call that a romantic relationship? He deceived her, sexually assaulted, and exploited her. That dirty criminal.”
  • “Sigh…”
  • “Ha, this is really, very unfortunate… I’m so angry. Is this for real? F*ck…”
  • “I’m so sick of Korean men. These guys have absolutely nothing else going on in their heads except how they’re going to exploit women.”
  • “I’m sick of it, really…”
Source: SBS News

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