Korean Man Goes Viral For His K-Drama-Level Act of Kindness Caught On Camera

Netizens can’t get enough of this mystery man.

The scene is intense- the protagonist can see a car approaching from the opposite side of the road at full speed. The ignorant pedestrian has no idea that they are seconds away from getting hit. The hero’s moral compass ticks, and he dashes over, putting his life in danger to pull the unsuspecting victim out of the car’s way. The golden-hearted man saves the day again.

K-Drama fans could probably narrate such scenes in their sleep, given how often this exact sequence is used for different shows. There are obvious variations, but the essence is the same. You have Rowoon jumping in front of an approaching truck to save his sister in Tomorrow,

Seo In Guk freezing time to save Park Bo Young from getting trampled by a truck in Doom At Your Service,

and Pyo Ye Jin walking into busy traffic to save Le Je Hoon in Taxi Driver 2.

The bottom line is these types of scenes are a staple in K-Drama. But often, we would assume that much like these scenes, the heroic deed of putting yourself in danger to save someone else is reserved for screens only. However, a Korean man has gone viral recently for proving this wrong.

In a video uploaded by the channel @black_box on YouTube, a man can be seen walking in front of a moving car to protect a child that was passing by. The footage was shared by the driver, with a narration of the incident attached in a voiceover. The OP explained that he and his friend were driving out of the DAISO parking lot when a man suddenly blocked their car from the front. Confused at first, OP then realized that a little girl was crossing the pavement, and had the man not stopped their vehicle, there could have been a serious accident.

My friend and I were at DAISO. We were driving out of the parking lot. That’s when a man stopped us by putting his hand out in front of our car. We were confused at first but soon realized that he was blocking us because he saw that a little girl was passing, and he didn’t want it to get dangerous for anyone.

OP narrating the situation

The two guys in the car were immediately impressed by this man’s random act of kindness, exclaiming loudly. While OP complimented the guy saying, “That was so cool,” OP’s friend couldn’t hold back from saying, “I think- I think I just fell in love.”

The driver also explained in the video that after checking the dashboard cam, he realized that an older girl had just run by, and the younger one was probably following her unnie. From the footage, it looks like the man was a total stranger to these girls, but the fact that he was thoughtful enough to protect the kid made OP want to share the video with others.

When I looked over the dashcam footage again, I saw that the girl’s older sister had passed by first. So, I assume she was following her unnie. I believe the man is a stranger to the girls, and it was a random act of kindness. But seeing him do his best to protect young children, I was moved and inspired. So, I decided to share the footage.

—OP narrating the situation

The video was uploaded only two days ago and has since gone viral on Korean forums. Netizens, much like the driver’s friend, seem to have fallen for the man in the footage and flooded the comment section with praise.

| theqoo 
  • “The man is cool, and their reaction was cute.”
  • “The child was small, and they might not have been able to see the child well, or the child could’ve suddenly run out. So, I think that’s why he blocked the child with his hands. Both he and the one driving are cool. Some people would’ve been annoyed at the situation.”
  • “All the people in the video are cool and cute, LOL.”
  • “It looks like the Naedang-dong Daiso.”
  • “It’s heart-warming, LOL.”
| theqoo
  • “He seems handsome.”
  • “Whoa, awesome, he’s cool.”
  • “Wow, he has good manners.”
  • “You can’t see his face, but I bet he is handsome.”
  • “He’s sweet, LOL.”
Source: YouTube
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