Korean Middle Schoolers Indicted For Sexaully Assaulting A Classmate On Livestream

The two suspects are both in the ninth grade.

Amidst the rising public rage over sexual crimes and bullying in South Korea, another case has left people in shock. On March 15, Wednesday, two teenagers were indicted for the assault and sexual abuse of their classmate on a livestream.

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The Daegu District Prosecutor’s office indicted the two ninth graders, one aged 16 and the other 15. The older one, who is allegedly the leading figure behind the incident, has been detained by authorities post his indictment.

The two suspects reportedly assaulted their male classmate physically and sexually on January 9. They forced the victim to undress and then spanked him in a motel room in Daegu. The incident was livestreamed from the scene for about 30 minutes. The victim’s friends, who saw the livestream, reported it to the police.

A screen-captured image from the livestream on Jan. 9 | Korea Herald

The victim has reportedly been abused and bullied by the suspects before as well. He was allegedly forced to cross the frozen Geumho River over thin ice and coerced into shouting in a supermarket after they repeatedly hurled insults at him.

The prosecution has requested the court to review the custody probation of the suspects. They want to prevent the crime from repeating by allowing the Justice Ministry to continue monitoring the two suspects after they are released based on their conviction.

Daegu District Prosecutors’ Office | MSN

The South Korean Criminal Act doesn’t consider suspects as minors beyond the age of 14. So, the two teenagers are going to be subjected to full criminal procedures. A representative from the Daegu Prosecutor’s Office told the media, “We will respond strongly to school violence and offer full protection for the victims.

Source: Kukmin Ilbo

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