Korean Mom Gets Prison Time For Stalking Her Own Daughter

She spent months harassing the victim.

A South Korean woman has been convicted and sentenced to prison for stalking and harassing her own daughter.

Image used for representative purposes | Unsplash

According to reports on September 15 (KST), a woman in her 50s was sentenced to six months in prison with two years of probation after she was found guilty of harassing her adult daughter. Documents from the Daejeon District Court documents mentioned in detail the nature of harassment, which included sending abusive text messages and trespassing.

The issue persisted from December 2021 to May 2022, within which the mother continuously hounded her daughter through a total of 306 text messages and 111 phone calls. The messages started with ordinary requests, such as requesting to read the Bible or inquiring about staying at her daughter’s place. But with the lack of response from the daughter, the texts escalated to the level of verbal abuse. The mother used derogatory remarks about her daughter’s sexual habits as well.

The Daejeon District Court | Wikimedia Commons

It didn’t just end with virtual harassment. The mother physically stalked her daughter, and the court records showed that she had turned up at her daughter’s home eight times during the specified period. She would often engage in threatening behaviors, like peeping into the house. Although the daughter got the police involved and obtained an injunction in June 2022, her mother trespassed six more times afterward.

In her defense, the mother claimed that none of her actions were intentional or premeditated, but the court rejected it. In addition to the prison sentence, the mother has also been ordered to complete 40 hours of mandatory anti-stalking education. Neither the victim nor the perpetrator have been identified by the local media.

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