Korean Music Sites Make Huge Change To Realtime Charts To Fight “Zombie Streamers”

It’s a huge change to the way music charts work.

The 6 music streaming services under the Gaon Chart Policy Committee, Naver Music, Bugs, Melon, Soribada, Mnet, and Genie, have agreed to put into effect a new policy regarding realtime charts during late-night hours in Korea starting July 11.

“After the recent controversies over sajaegi again, we discussed ways to improve the realtime music charts, and the policy will be put into place starting July 11.”

— Gaon Committee


The committee has agreed to have the 6 music streaming services put in a “chart freezing” policy from 1am KST to 7am KST. With this, the charts will not update during this time.

Not pictured: Naver Music.


The committee not only includes the 6 music streaming services mentioned above, but also music producers and distributors. They have been discussing ways to combat the issues the realtime charts bring, including completely abolishing them, before reaching this solution.


Saejagi has long been an issue within the Korean music industry, with artists such as Nilo being accused of manipulating the number of streams and downloads on their songs for exposure.

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Source: Ilgan Sports