Korean Netizens Are Already Disgusted By HBO’s “The Idol”


Netizens are disgusted by the upcoming HBO series, The Idol, after a tweet from American media outlet Variety went viral.

Jennie (left) and Lily Rose Depp (right) | theqoo

On May 23, Variety tweeted out a short review of the first two episodes of HBO’s The Idol, which is set to release on June 4. The series, which features BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, has been widely anticipated by K-Pop fans and follows the story of a budding singer as she navigates the treacherous music industry.

Revenge porn photos of bodily fluids on Lily Rose Depp’s face, masturbation with ice cubes, nightclub-owning scam artists, and vile Hollywood sycophants populated the first two episodes of Sam Levinson’s The Idol.

— Variety

The tweet has since gone viral in Korean online communities, with many expressing horror at Variety’s review. Many expressed bewilderment at how a show consisting of the depicted scenes could ever make it to production.

  • “Jennie is appearing in this? Why?”
  • “Ew, dirty.”
  • “I heard the director and the show’s scenario was completely changed, so the actors were basically scammed.”
  • “Ew.”
  • “Is this the movie (series) that Jennie is appearing in?”
  • “Thanks to this, I don’t think I can listen to The Weeknd’s music anymore… I can’t act like I don’t know anymore. This is so uncomfortable.”
  • “They really have strong stomachs.”
  • “I am about to throw up.”
  • “Wow..”
  • “What kind of story is this? Are they crazy?”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo
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