Korean Netizens Criticize “Vincenzo” For Promoting Chinese Bibimbap

The tension between Korea’s and China’s cultures remains high.

Tensions between South Korea and China have been high ever since China suddenly began claiming that Korean things were actually Chinese. This includes the Korean flag, kimchi, decorative knots, hanbok, taekwondo, and more. With this conflict, Koreans have become more sensitive to seeing Chinese items as they wish to promote only Korean items at this time.

Recently, Korean netizens have criticized the tvN K-Drama Vincenzo for featuring a Chinese product in the latest episode. In Episode 8, Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) offers a packaged Bibimbap to Vincenzo (Song Joong Ki). This was heavily criticized as the Bibimbap was actually a Chinese product.

| tvN

As many viewers know, product placement in K-Dramas can be pretty obvious. Either they talk about the item or clearly show the name in the shot. The Bibimbap package was very clearly pictured, showing the Chinese company’s name, Zihaiguo, and the flavor.

  • Why are they showing Chinese products now?”
  • “I used to like this K-Drama, but I’m starting not to like it at all.” 
  • How can the production company accept a Chinese Bibimbap product when Bibimbap is Korean? Are they crazy?”
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Other Korean netizens were worried that Chinese netizens would start to claim that Bibimbap is Chinese, the same as they claimed kimchi.

  • Now, are they going to start claiming Bibimbap is theirs? I’m so baffled while watching this K-Drama.”
  • “That’s a Korean dish made by a Chinese company. There’s so much commotion over the Kimchi. Are they going to say the Bibimbap is Chinese now?” 

The product was revealed to be a collaboration between a famous Korean company and a Chinese company. Chungjungone is a Korean company that also makes red pepper paste and other food products. The Korean company’s logo is included on the package, but it is still prominently Chinese in appearance.

Source: Wikitree