Korean Netizens Highlight JYP Entertainment’s Mismanagement And Neglect Towards GOT7 In Recent Months

Ahgases have spoken.

JYP Entertainment has been managing GOT7 since their debut in 2014. This brings them to a little under 7 years as a team. However, Korean netizens are upset at the company’s treatment of the group. Not only has this been spotlighted with recent news about contract expiration and discussions, but Ahgases have often been upset with the neglect faced by their idols.

Netizens claim that during the past 7 months, the members and fans faced the following treatment.

1. Lack of legal support

During a past incident where Youngjae was falsely accused of school violence, company did not provide any legal support for the artist against malicious comments or against the person that falsely accused him. Korean Ahgases were also duly upset at the ambiguous stance JYP Entertainment took with their released statement.

| JYP Entertainment

2. Selling goods during non-promotional periods

Goods often come hand-in-hand with promotions. For example, companies may sell related apparels to the comeback album. However, JYP Entertainment chose to sell goods during non-promotional or rest periods instead. Netizens claim they did 3 rounds of sales.

3. Not taking members’ opinions into account

Netizens have stated that the members spoke out, expressing that they wanted to do cooking live streams. However, despite mentioning it a few times, the company did not take that into consideration and it went ignored.

| JYP Entertainment

4. Short promotional periods and lack of promotion

GOT7 made a comeback for the first time in 7 months with a full length album. However, they only had one week of promotions, once per music station. There was no comeback showcase, music video teaser, and even their teaser image had a typo in it. Netizens claim it was not posted on the company’s official Instagram page either and did not promote it on Twitter. Although Ahgases were asking for social media promotions, the company simply put up a banner on the company building – which netizens claim useless in the pandemic with less people out and about.

| JYP Entertainment

GOT7 was not given radio schedules either and their comeback was promoted only with two YouTube videos and a stint on Weekly Idol. No proper filming staff was given for their YouTube contents either and the members had to do self-cams.

5. Live stream at 2am

Netizens claim that due to fans’ uproar, the company finally let the boys do a live stream. However, it was held at 2am, a rather ungodly hour.

Fans claim that with only a year left to expiry, the company neglected the group for the last comeback. Despite the lack of promotions, GOT7 has managed to hit a high level of recognition and each member is successful in their own right.

Source: pann