Korean Netizens Express Their Concern About The Pushing Crowds At NCT 127’s Jakarta Concert, Given The Recent Itaewon Human Crush Emergency

“I’m not a fan, but I hope everyone takes care of their mental health.”

NCT 127‘s recent concert on November 4, 2022, in Jakarta, came to an abrupt halt. The concert was halted due to safety concerns after around 30 fans fainted in the hall. It was due to severe crowding and pushing issues that happened in the standing pits of the concert. It got so bad that the boys themselves had to ask fans to stop pushing.

The promoters made the executive decision to end the concert there and then. Of course, fans were upset about the decision, with some bursting into tears. On the other hand, many expressed concern for the artists due to the recent ongoings in South Korea. Recently, many people died in a human crush on Halloween in the popular district of Itaewon, Seoul.

Naturally, everyone was worried about the onslaught of emotions and PTSD that the pushing crowd would bring for both NCT 127 and the fans. The incident hit especially close to the hearts of Korean netizens.

Korean netizens’ reactions. | theqoo
  • “The video is really… I’m speechless.”
  • “So this was what was being talked about on Twitter.”
  • “Aigoo, both the fans and artists must’ve been shocked… Seems like things blew up since the barricade fell, but there’s also the recent matter, so they decided to halt the concert. I’m not a fan, but I hope everyone takes care of their mental health. they must’ve suffered the entire day.”
  • “Gosh, my heart sank again watching the video.”
  • “I’m so mad that SM Entertainment has not issued any statement since morning and that the members had to apologize on Bubble made me upset. The members must’ve been the ones who were the most shocked, so what is the company doing exactly?”
  • “The video is so…please keep some order.”
  • “I can’t watch the video due to PTSD.”

The concert was stopped due to concerns for the fans’ safety and health.

Source: theqoo


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