Korean Netizens React To Actor Yoo Ah In Testing Positive For Two More Drugs

“He’s going to hell”

Yesterday, an exclusive report from TV Chosun revealed that Yoo Ah In tested positive for two more drugs — cocaine and ketamine. The continuous news of Yoo Ah In’s drug use has shocked Korean netizens, with many believing the actor is “at his end.

Yoo Ah In | UAA

The news of Yoo abusing drugs first broke out on February 5, when the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety conducted a test on the actor and revealed that he was habitually using propofol — more specifically 73 times in the past year.

At first, the test found only two drugs in his system, marijuana and propofol. However, it was today’s report, conducted by the National Forensic Service, that shared the actor had tested positive for the two new drugs.

Yoo Ah In | MyMusicTaste

Korean netizens had already expressed their shock at Yoo Ah In’s behavior, with online platforms being full of comments regarding the situation. Many people wondered if it would be possible for the actor to ever return to his acting career after a scandal of this caliber.

Others pointed out that thanks to the intervention of the police, the actor’s life might’ve been saved from a potential overdose in the future.

“At this point, it was the South Korean police who saved his life.” | Theqoo

Regarding today’s news, Korean netizens seem to have nothing but words of shock to say. Some call Yoo “crazy” for doing cocaine, and others are surprised he did something stronger than propofol.

One netizen even said the actor is “going to hell.” for his drug use.

  • “He’s seriously crazy”
  • “Cocaine… He’s done…”
  • “Wow…”
  • “How is cocaine a harder drug?? How is it harder than other drugs? I’m so shocked..?! Not all drugs are the same?”
  • “Cocaine….? Is he crazy…..?”
  • “Wow”
  • “Marijuana cocaine propofol…?”
  • “He’s going to hell”
  • “? That’s stronger than propofol?!”
  • “He’s at his end…”

| Theqoo