Korean Netizens React To The Constant Plagiarism Accusations About LE SSERAFIM

They’re sick of it too.

LE SSERAFIM has been plagued with plagiarism accusations since their debut. Their most recent one was regarding their B-side track, “Smart.” Fans found similarities between “Smart” and Doja Cat’s “Woman,” as well as Tyla’s “Water.”

Their other songs were also accused of sounding similar to other existing ones. The title song “Easy” was compared to Doja Cat’s “Juicy.”

“Swan Song” was also compared to SZA’s “Kill Bill.”

Korean netizens have also expressed how tired they are getting with the accusations. While the girls are not blamed for the matter, they doubt HYBE’s work.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • I’m so embarrassed FR.
  • Just how many times… I’m so embarrassed… Whenever controversy arises they just don’t respond…
  • HYBE, please have some face… Your company is only a big one on the outside… The things you do, tsk.
  • From the beats, to the performance, to the outfits and how they sing, how hardworking of them LOL. Honestly, there’s no way they don’t know themselves… So shameless.
  • Whenever they release an album, there’s endless controversies. I wonder why. Are they so talentless that they have to purposely get attention?
  • Why do they cause such acausations every single time?
  • Plagiarism group… No matter how much they go with the confident concept, it’s just an outer shell.
  • I wondered why I felt like I heard the song before… I knew it. How can it be like this every time?

You can read more about their other alleged plagiarism items below.

Every LE SSERAFIM Release That Has Been Accused Of Plagiarism


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