Korean Netizens React To Alleged Relationship Between HyunA And Yong Junhyung

They do not approve.

Soloists HyunA and Yong Junhyung were recently linked together after they both posted photos of them holding hands. This was uploaded to both of their Instagram accounts. In a comment, HyunA also asked fans to “please look upon them favorably.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

They were also caught having a meal together back in November 2023. The restaurant’s owner uploaded their autographs after a joint visit, thanking them for their patronage.

As HyunA and Yong Junhyung were both originally from Cube Entertainment, it did not strike anyone as out of the ordinary back then. When news of the two’s lovestagrams broke out, netizens went wild.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • This puts me off them a little…
  • Spontaneous, FR.
  • Huh?
  • This isn’t it…
  • Even if she wants to date, why someone like him…
  • What in the world?
  • Whatever it is, this is shocking.
  • Wow, you’re lying.

Netizens remain in denial over the matter, given that Yong Junhyung was previously linked to the Burning Sun scandal that rocked the world. He claimed not to have filmed or spread any illegal content, despite having viewed content in the illicit chat room. Read more about his involvement below.

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Source: theqoo