Korean Netizens React To The Wildest Stage Outfits At The MTV Video Music Awards This Year

We “gotta feeling” they didn’t “like that”.

So BTS performed their smash hit single, “Dynamite” on the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), sweeping awards for Best Group, Best K-Pop, Best Choreography… With the world-famous group performing, it’s no wonder that many Korean fans also tuned in to the show to catch their homegrown act in action. However, some of the other acts by American artists, may just have stunned them a little too much.

This performance of “VIDA LOCA” and “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas featuring a really interesting choice of light-up clothing got them a little shookt…


But what took the cake was this celestial get-up by none other than Doja Cat herself, who performed her hit singles, “Say So” and “Like That”. Doja Cat is getting pretty popular in Korea nowadays, given the way her songs spread like wildfire via TikTok. Safe to say, Koreans weren’t prepared for this.


The comments section on the post which went viral on theqoo was hilarious. From a meme of them exiting the chat to questioning the tastes of American fans, needless to say, Korean netizens were stunned by the choice in clothing.

As Korean culture may still be a little bit more conservative in nature as compared to the West, over-exposure or excessive clothing on stage may still rub some people in the wrong way. Even as generations progress and more and more people become accepting of others doing as they please, preferences are still hard to shift.

Source: theqoo