Korean Police In Talks of Revealing The Nth Room Sex Abuse Case Offender’s Identity, For The First Time In History

Nearly 2 million Korean citizens have petitioned for it to happen.

On March 18, 2020, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency confirmed that they have gone under investigation in custody of 14 and counting perpetrators who brutally exploited underage girls by “enslaving” them with threats of disclosing their personal information, forcing them to film themselves doing sexual acts, and selling and distributing the photos and videos to viewers via online messaging applications like Telegram.

Since then, the police force revealed to have tracked down over 100+ more people involved, including individuals who paid to enter these Telegram chat rooms and produced illegal sex videos to upload and distribute.

When the news of these arrests went live, Koreans — including K-Pop idols like VIXX‘s Ravi and EXID‘s LE — signed and urged others to sign the petition on the Korean Blue House’s National Petitions page, requesting the authorities to reveal the names and faces of the offenders involved in the case.

“Please Reveal The Face and Identity of The Telegram N Group Chat Operator”

I don’t want my loved ones to live in a world that is so horrifying.

— VIXX’s Ravi

With the petition garnering nearly 2M signatures, the South Korean police announced on March 22, 2020 that on March 24, 2020, a committee will vote to decide whether or not to reveal the identity of “Baksa“, one of the main administrators of these chat rooms. As per the South Korean law, the police can agree to reveal the face, name, age, and more identifiable information of a sex offender, if the offender is deemed guilty and the information is believed to prevent future crimes, as well as protect the Korean citizens’ “Right to Know”.

“Baksa” in custody

In the past, under this law, the Korean police have revealed the identities of convicts whose crimes involved murder and unspeakable brutality. Should they decide to reveal Baksa‘s identity, he will be the first sex offender to have his identity revealed. Koreans look forward to seeing the offender’s, and all other perpetrators’ information — to stop them from repeating the same evil ever again.

Source: THEQOO, Seoul News and MSN

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case