Korean Athlete Goes Viral With Her “Karina” Visual

Fast enough to battle the Black Mamba for sure!

Amid the festivities at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, one Korean athlete is getting all the spotlight for her idol-like visual!

Track athlete Kim Min Ji | @arb0r_day/Instagram

Track star Kim Min Ji, a beloved member of the SBS show Kick A Goal, has been dubbed “Track Karina” for looking like aespa‘s Karina.

Aespa’s Karina | @katarinabluu/Instagram

Her professional photos on the field have received a tremendous amount of love for capturing her gorgeous face, lean figure, and charismatic attitude.

Back to business. This race isn’t over!

— Kim Min Ji

In addition to some resemblances to Karina, Kim’s fans also see traces of BoA and actress Lim Ji Yeon, too!

Kim | @arb0r_day/Instagram

But most have stuck with “Track Karina” since July 2022 after she went live on Instagram and commented that it’s her “favorite nickname.”

Kim | @arb0r_day/Instagram

While Kim is not competing at the 19th Asian Games, she is an active runner on the team for Jincheon County, in Chungcheongbuk-do Province of South Korea. The Jincheon-gu track team remains one of Korea’s more successful sports teams.

Such valuable results of trusting I can do it.
Let’s do even better next time! #TeamJincheon #Hwaiting

— Kim Min Ji

Watch Kim show off her impressive athletic skills on Kick A Goal here.

Source: NamuWiki and theqoo

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