South Korean “Volleyball Twins” Player Lee Da Young Confronts Domestic Abuse And Infidelity Accusations Made By Her Husband

Meanwhile, Koreans are expressing shock at the fact Lee Da Young had been married at all.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

On October 8 KST, the South Korean news outlet TV Chosun aired an exclusive coverage on the domestic abuse and infidelity accusations made by volleyball player Lee Da Young‘s husband. In the report, the husband demanded a genuine apology from Lee Da Young—who has remained unreachable for him.

South Korean volleyball player Lee Da Young | SPOTV News

The husband accused Lee Da Young of both physically and verbally abusing him throughout the marriage which began in April 2018. According to the husband, the two dated for three months before officially tying the knot. Unfortunately, within a year following the wedding, the husband claimed that their relationship fell apart.

A picture of Lee Da Young (right) and her husband (left), followed by their marriage certificate. | TV Chosun

[Lee Da Young] would say a lot of things about my family. She would threaten us, hinting that she could hurt us if she wanted to. She belittled my mother and my father… saying things that are degrading for me to hear.

— Lee Da Young’s Husband

Allegedly, Lee Da Young would send intimidating text messages—threatening to kill the husband or asking the husband to take his own life.

[KakaoTalk Messages]

Wife👰🏻❤️: Delete all my pictures.

Wife👰🏻❤️: I can appoint a lawyer and sue you. My mom said I could. Or I could even pay someone to have you killed.

Wife👰🏻❤️: Beware.

[Instagram DMs]

Lee Da Young: F*ck off, seriously.

Lee Da Young: DELETE MY PICTURES. Oh my god, I hope you f*cking die from a heart attack. Seriously. I don’t want to live with your dumba*s anymore, so PLEASE DIE.

Lee Da Young: And I’m going to take you to court for a divorce.

The husband claimed, in the news interview, that these violent episodes would come from what he believes to be small and insignificant incidents in life.

I have never been able to understand why she gets so upset. Let’s say I promised to pick her up at the dorm for athletes at 7PM. I would be a minute late and arrive at 7:01PM. That would spark a fight… And she would hit me and push me around. She has good strength, obviously.

— Lee Da Young’s Husband

The husband revealed that Lee Da Young once allegedly threatened him with a kitchen knife too after an argument got heated beyond his control. From the repeated domestic abuse, the husband said that he has been diagnosed with depression, panic disorder, and insomnia—which he continues to be treated for.

The husband’s medical record from August 2021 showing a diagnosis of depression, panic disorder, and insomnia. | TV Chosun

While there has been an attempt to file for divorce, with legal representatives from both sides involved, the husband has been unable to reach Lee Da Young since her team-bullying controversy from February of 2021. He said, “All I’m looking for is a genuine apology.”

I really want [Lee Da Young] to apologize to me. Not one to brush off this situation, like ‘Fine, I’m sorry.’ But a genuine apology explaining what she did wrong and why.

— Lee Da Young’s Husband

When TV Chosun reached out to Lee Da Young, she remained uncontactable and only her twin sister, Lee Jae Young, responded in a phone call that she cannot confirm anything. Following the news, however, Lee Da Young denied all accusations in an official statement shared via her legal representative(s). The law firm claimed, “The husband has been unreasonable to Lee Da Young” as well.

Lee Da Young (left) and her twin sister Lee Jae Young (right) on the court. | NEWS1

Lee Da Young and her husband became legally wed in April of 2018. After maintaining their marriage for four months, the two have been separated. Lee Da Young and the husband have since agreed on filing a divorce. The husband, however, has been illogical in requesting that Lee Da Young hands over her property asset which she has owned since before the wedding. The husband has also demanded ₩500 million KRW (about $418,000 USD) in alimony, which is completely unreasonable.

— SEJONG Law Firm

According to Lee Da Young’s law firm, the husband has allegedly been harassing Lee Da Young as well—mainly for money. In conclusion, the law firm strongly denied the accusations about Lee Da Young and criticized the husband for using “the [volleyball player’s] reputation as a well-known athlete against her for his financial gain.”

The details of Lee Da Young and the husband’s married life should have remained private. Yet the husband has agreed to do news interviews without revealing his identity. This is unfair to Lee Da Young. Everything the husband has said is his opinion only. The husband is obviously interested in pressuring Lee Da Young into giving him money.

— SEJONG Law Firm

In response, the husband exposed Lee Da Young’s infidelity in a second interview with TV Chosun. Additionally, he explained that the ₩500 million KRW (about $418,000 USD) he had requested from Lee Da Young had been in exchange for the money he personally invested into creating a home to share with Lee Da Young.

| TV Chosun

I am the one who paid for the house. I’m the one who paid for all the new appliances for the house. I paid all our living expenses while we lived together—for a year, actually, if we count the time we lived together prior to getting married. I requested that she pays me back for this period.

I tried my best to avoid divorce because a part of me still had feelings for her. And I didn’t want to make her a divorcee. So I wanted to work things out with her. But she has cheated on me multiple times while we remained legally married. When I confronted her about it, she said that I should cheat on her too if it makes me so upset.

— Lee Da Young’s Husband

Neither Lee Da Young nor her legal representative(s) has spoken since the husband’s latest interview. Meanwhile, Koreans are expressing shock not only at her unspeakable behavior exposed by the husband but also at the fact that she had been married at all.


Lee Da Young and her twin Lee Jae Young are scheduled to depart for Greece on October 16, 2021. Previously, Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young found themselves wrapped up in team-bullying allegations. After receiving endless backlash from Korean volleyball fans, the two have inevitably chosen to leave the country and play for PAOK, which is a Greek volleyball league located in Thessaloniki.

Lee Da Young featured on PAOK’s website. | PAOK

The Korean Volleyball Association remains adamantly against the twins playing again—and Koreans believe this new accusation against Lee Da Young will not help to get the twins their travel visas necessary to leave Korea and enter Greece.

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Source: TV Chosun YouTube, TV Chosun, Hankyung, Chosun Ilbo and THEQOO