Twin Volleyball Players’ International Transfer Request Rejected Due To Their Previous Scandal 

Could this be the end of their volleyball career?

According to numerous news reports, the careers of twin volleyball players Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young may be halted indefinitely.

Twin volleyball players Lee Da Young (left), Lee Jae Young (right.)

On August 24, TV Chosun released a report detailing the ongoing situation regarding the twins, who were once considered the “goddesses” of the national Korean volleyball league. According to the news agency, the Lee twins were rumored to transfer to PAOK, which is a Greek volleyball league located in Thessaloniki. However, after further deliberation, the Korean Volleyball Association decided to decline the twins’ transfer request.

In a phone call with TV Chosun, The Korean Volleyball Association shared their position on the situation stating that, “while [they] are aware of Lee Jae Young and Lee Da Young’s desire to transfer to the Greek league, the association’s policy regarding overseas transfers will not change.”

What the association means by this is, in order for any domestic Korean volleyball player to successfully transfer overseas, they are required to go through a process called International Transfer Agreement (ITC.) In addition to that, the club, the association, the transfer club and the national association must all agree to the transfer before it is approved.

| Korea Times

The reason why this becomes tricky in the case of Lee Jae Young and Lee Da Young is because they require the consent of their original volleyball club they were a part of. Heungkuk Life was the club that the twins were signed onto before their bullying scandal went public.

Due to the controversy and the twins’ admittance to their wrongdoings, the girls were forced to go an abrupt hiatus. The scandal, which only grew with each additional allegation, led to Heungkuk Life ultimately dropping the twins and giving up the player rights to the girls.

In addition to that, back in 2016, the volleyball association created a new transfer restriction for any player who causes social controversy, which the twins fall under due to their school violence allegations. This means that the Lee twins will not get to transfer to Greece like they had originally planned.

The Korean Volleyball Association stated in the midst of the ongoing situation that they will “remain firm in the rejection of their [twins] transfer request.”

| Chosun

Lee Jae Young and Lee Da Young were both dropped from their Korean volleyball league after they both admitted to the ongoing bullying allegations that were made back in February of this year. As they remained out of the spotlight for the few months, rumors began to circulate that the twins were trying to transfer into an international league in an effort to continue their careers elsewhere.

In light of the transfer rejection reports made by TV Chosun, however, it seems that the Lee twins’ volleyball careers may be paused for the time being.

Source: WikiTree and TV Chosun