Twin Volleyball Players Accused Of Threatening Teammates With A Knife — Victim’s Parent Speaks Out On The Incident

The parent claims they used a knife to teach their teammate a lesson.

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This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

Twin volleyball players, Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young are under more scrutiny after a bullying victim’s parent shared their testimony.

Lee Da Young (left), Lee Jae Young (right) | Sports Chosun

A few weeks ago, a netizen claiming to be the parent of one of the twins’ victims shared their story online.

When you would go to the competition, it was clear that the twins ran the volleyball court and the other plays were mere placeholders. There were numerous times when I overhead audience members say, ‘Only the twins are playing and passing the ball to one another. Are they the only ones playing?’

There is a story that I heard directly from one of the players’ parents. They claimed that they overheard a phone call that their daughter had and it was from the twins. ‘Only give the ball to me, just make it happen.’ While I wanted to do something about it at the time, my daughter really wanted to continue playing volleyball there so I swept the incident under the rug.

— Victim’s parent

The alleged victim’s parent then shared a shocking story about a violent incident involving a knife.

There was a big incident that happened that involved a knife. At the time, none of the volleyball parents knew about it, but they found out after the incident occurred. None of the parents knew that their children’s money was being taken nor did they know that their child was being bullied. The parents went through hell thinking about the hard times their child suffered through after finding out about the bullying.

It’s been 10 years and as the memories from the past are being publicized, the hardships and trauma that our children experienced are being revisited.

— Victim’s parent

The incident regarding the knife was further explained by the parent.

The big knife incident was when Lee Jae Young and Lee Da Young inflicted school violence using the weapon. They used a knife to threaten their fellow volleyball teammates to ‘teach them a lesson.’

— Victim’s parent

| Naver

After the parent’s story about the knife incident went public, a netizen stepped forward to reveal that they were the alleged victim in question and shared their personal experience.

Before we had our lights out at 10pm (at their dormitory), the twins told me to bring them something. I was really tired so in a positive tone, I told them I didn’t want to and declined their request. Even though I said no numerous times, they kept demanding me to do it.

I don’t know if they thought I was disobeying because I kept declining, but out of nowhere, they grabbed a knife and started threatening me. They pushed me into a wall and started stabbing the knife into the wall around me. Then they put the knife to my neck. I have a scar from where they pressed the knife. The girls who were present at the time of the incident all know what happened.

The twins apologized because the situation grew. I was nervous that they would threaten me again with the knife if I didn’t accept their apology. I was so scared. After the incident, they transferred.

— Alleged victim

The twin volleyball players have since admitted to their numerous bullying allegations from their middle school days. While they have come forward with apologies acknowledging their faults, they received intense backlash from the public. As a result, Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young have been removed from their team and their league.

Source: Chosun, theqoo and News1

The Volleyball Twins' Bullying Allegation

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