Volleyball Player Calls Out His Former Coach In A Cryptic Message In Midst Of Bullying Scandals

“…is this what it feels like to be hung upside down with blood pouring out?”

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In the midst of the ongoing bullying controversies in the professional volleyball community, volleyball player Park Chul Woo is calling out his former coach.

Volleyball player Park Chul Woo | DongA Ilbo

Professional volleyball player, Park Chul Woo is making headlines for calling out his former coach, Lee Sang Yeol. The volleyball player recently posted a message onto his Instagram page, garnering attention with the cryptic words.

| @prewoo725/Instagram

This is really…unbelievable…is this what it feels like to be hung upside down with blood pouring…

— @prewoo725/Instagram

His post was made a day after his former volleyball coach, Lee Sang Yeol made a statement about the ongoing bullying controversies within the volleyball community.

This world is not like the world before. Nowadays, you will receive media attention. Whatever happens, there will always be consequences. Whether it’s money or fame, you will lose something because there’s never a case where things brush over.

 — Lee Sang Yeol

Lee Sang Yeol | YTN News

Lee Sang Yeol’s statement was made on behalf of the bullying controversy involving popular twin volleyball players, Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young. The South Korean volleyball league was rocked by the allegations, where the twins were accused of physically, verbally and emotionally abusing their former classmates. The twins admitted to the accusations and have since departed their teams, as well as the league.

Park Chul Woo’s angry Instagram post stemmed from a personal standpoint, as he experienced violence and bullying firsthand. The volleyball player previously shocked the nation back in 2009 after photos of his bruised face and body circulated online. After the photos went live, it was revealed the bruises were inflicted by his then coach, Lee Sang Yeol. When asked why he used such physical violence on his player, Lee Sang Yeol stated that it was because he “didn’t like the way Park Chul Woo played.”

Photos from 2009 of Park Chul Woo’s bruises | Yonhap News

Lee Sang Yeol was eventually terminated as the coach of the Hyundai Capital Skywalkers as a result of his physical violence against Park Chul Woo. His punishment, however, lasted just 2 years before he was reinstated back into the professional volleyball community. Not only has he rebuilt his coaching reputation, but Lee Sang Yeol’s career thrived since the controversy, becoming a university leader, commentator and now, the director of the KB Insurance Volleyball Team.

Coach Lee Sang Yeol | Sports Chosun

After his Instagram post went live, Park Chul Woo personally reached out to KBS News to to talk about the incident stating that he believes that change needs to happen.

| KBS News

I think the time has come for me to put an end to this. The time has come for the sports world to change.

— Park Chul Woo

It was during his interview that he revealed his honest thoughts about the situation. He vulnerably shared the trauma that he continues to hold onto from his past.

| KBS News

I never received a personal apology from him. There have been times when we passed by each other and had to shake hands at our games. Those times were really hard for me.

— Park Chul Woo

The professional volleyball player then proceeded to call out the volleyball association for electing Lee Sang Yeol to be in a director position.

| KBS News

I don’t understand how that volleyball team could elect him. I truly hope that one day, all sports will be able to have a ‘fair play’ mindset, that all sports will be clean.

— Park Chul Woo

Netizens have been showing their support for Park Chul Woo, while expressing their disgust at the volleyball association for allowing Lee Sang Yeol to remain active in the volleyball community.

Source: Chosun

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