Father Of Twin Volleyball Players Shares His Concerns For Their Well-Being In Midst Of Their Bullying Scandal

“I was scared they would do something extreme…”

The father of the twin volleyball players, Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young has sat down for an interview to talk about his daughters’ bullying controversy.

Volleyball plays Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young | News1

“Goddess” twin volleyball players, Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young found themselves in the middle of a severe bullying scandal when they were accused by their former classmates of bullying. Shocking accusations of physical, verbal and emotional abuse were made public by numerous former middle school classmates. The twins admitted to their wrongdoings by apologizing to the unidentified victims. The messy controversy only got worse when it was revealed that South Korea’s beloved volleyball player, Kim Yeon Koung had become tangled in it after the twins accused her of bullying them.

Left to right: Kim Yeon Koung, Lee Jae Young, Lee Da Young | Sports Chosun

In the light of the scandal, the father of the twins, Lee Ju Hyung sat down with JoongAng Daily to talk about the situation.

We are receiving the punishment for all that we’ve done until now. We will receive all the criticism and use it to live better lives in the future.

— Lee Ju Hyung, father of the twins

He continued with his interview by revealing that he had some deep concerns for his daughters.

I was scared they would do something extreme so for a few days, I would wake up in the middle of the night to make sure they were okay. They are both acknowledging their mistakes, however, and reflecting on their past which I am grateful for.

— Lee Ju Hyung, father of the twins

He also shared his future wishes for his daughters. He hopes that one day, the nation will be able to forgive them for their wrongdoings.

Nowadays, if someone’s past wrongdoings come to light, they have to give up their entire lives. I hope, however, that if the person genuinely acknowledges their wrongdoings and reflects on their past behaviors, that they would be able to receive forgiveness at least once.

— Lee Ju Hyung, father of the twins

The twins’ father Lee Ju Hyung is no stranger to the spotlight. He was a former professional athlete, boasting an impressive athletic career. Lee Ju Hyung was a former track and field athlete, with a focus in hammer throwing. He formerly represented South Korea at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Similarly, their mother is also former professional athlete. Kim Kyung Hee was a volleyball player, representing her country as the setter of the National South Korean Women’s Volleyball team during the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Left to right: Mother Kim Kyung Hee, Lee Jae Young, Lee Da Young, father Lee Ju Hyung | KBS2

In related news, it has been recently revealed that due to the controversy, the Korean Volleyball Association retracted an award that was scheduled to be given to the twins’ mother. The Great Parent Award would have recognized their mother for her excellence in training her daughters to become two of the most notable volleyball players in the nation.

Mother Kim Kyung Hee with Lee Jae Young | @SPOTV/YouTube

In light of the controversy, Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young have both been suspended from their team and the volleyball league indefinitely.

Source: Sports News Naver

The Volleyball Twins' Bullying Allegation