Korean Woman Goes Viral For The Most K-Dramatic Wedding—Featuring Bomb Threats, Evacuations, And Train Station Romance

Once in a lifetime experience, indeed!

On March 25, the South Korean Gwangmyeong Police Station received a call from an unknown caller threatening to bomb a wedding hall located on the underground level below Gwangmyeong Station.

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Multiple police officers, including those from the Special Operation Unit (SOU), were dispatched to the scene around 12 PM, and the team took over two hours to search and clear the surrounding areas. Eventually, the bomb threat was confirmed to have been false—with a man in his 60s under arrest for making the call from a public phone near the station.

A SOU officer on site. | tcafe2a.com

While the crisis was averted, it did mean unexpected evacuations for the couples and guests who were inside the wedding hall. Then, on March 29, a bride came forward and shared the most thrilling behind-the-scene details from her wedding that got canceled because of the bomb threat!

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[I’m The Bride Who Was Supposed To Get Married At The GM Wedding Hall At 2:30]

Hello! I’m the bride whose 2:30 PM wedding at the GM Wedding Hall got canceled because of the bomb threat made on March 25. My friends told me that the story of my wedding went viral on social media. And I know a lot of online comments were upset about what had happened to me. So I thought I’d leave a detailed recap of that day!

— Bride

The post, which didn’t take too long before becoming a viral read across multiple online communities, revealed that the bride had no idea there was a bomb threat at first.

Police officers and fire fighters in front of the wedding hall. | MBN

An assistant from the venue came to the bride’s room and told me that I’d be heading to the wedding hall soon. She said, ‘I’ll come back in 30 minutes,’ except… that was the last time I heard from her and I was never escorted to the wedding hall.

While I was greeting the guests in the bride’s room, I noticed police officers and fire fighters out the door. I didn’t think too much of it, until a significant number of them showed up and I realized something was happening. Then I was told that there was a small fire in the dining hall.

— Bride

With less than an hour left before her scheduled walk down the virgin road, the bride was then asked to evacuate.

Wedding hall guests being evacuated from the area. | tcafe2a.com

A helper I had with me kept asking around until she returned with the news. She said that there had been a bombing threat made and that we had to evacuate the area… Someone from the venue also came and explained that all guests had to be upstairs so the SOU could search for the bomb.

The first level is LITERALLY a train station, though. So when I went upstairs—in a whole wedding dress—alongside all the guests I invited to the wedding… People were staring.

— Bride

According to the post, the authorities estimated the whole search would take over two hours. The venue notified the bride that her wedding would be pushed back to 4 PM at the earliest (when it should have taken place at 2:30).

As impossible as the whole situation seemed, the bride decided not to let the unforeseen circumstance ruin her wedding. The bride explained, “I was upset but I decided there was nothing I could do about it. So I tried to have fun with it.”

The bride. | NEWS1

The optimistic bride made the best of where she was and continued greeting her guests at the train station. Instead of sulking about how the bomb threat “ruined” her wedding, she decided to take it “as a sign that her married life is going to be explosive, so to speak.”

I didn’t want people to feel bad about what happened to me. So instead of being sad about it, I laughed and said, ‘What the heck is even going on?!’ Then, the guests all commented on how it’s considered good luck to have something so rare happen during the wedding. That made me feel a lot better and I no longer felt upset about the incident!

— Bride

Thanks(?) to the evacuation, as noted in the post, the bride even got to snap a one-in-a-million wedding photo at the train platform!


To be honest, I could not believe the things that were happening to me at the time. But it’s all in the past now! I can now say that I had the most unforgettable wedding of them all. There’s no point in getting mad about it. Instead, I’m going to talk about it forever and ever, as a once-in-a-lifetime kind of an experience. Let’s say I was ‘bombed’ with good vibes!

— Bride

And to the bride sharing her unforgettable wedding memories and promising to continue living in optimism, Koreans sent tremendous support and congratulations!

| theqoo
  • “This woman is incredible. I don’t even know why this is making me cry. I hope she lives happily ever after! Congratulations on your wedding!”
  • “This should not have happened, but because of how optimistic the bride was about the whole thing… It sounds truly like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Haha.”
  • “This could have been upsetting. But it’s definitely going to be the most unforgettable wedding for all the guests who went. I wish the couple the best!”
  • “Sometimes, life is more dramatic than any K-Drama could ever be. The bride was such a main character, though!”
  • “The platform picture is so beautiful. T-T I wish them the best!”
  • “Wow… The platform picture is such a vibe. It’s beautiful.”
  • “I would’ve bawled, though. This bride is something else. She’s got a great mindset. I wish her the best in life!”
  • “Got whatever bad karma she had out of her life for good! Haha. She’s going to have a great marriage.”
  • “This bride has got to be the most optimistic person alive. Such a strong woman. I hope she gets to have her happily-ever-after now!”
  • “The platform picture is f*cking beautiful. I know that this couple is going to be great at doing life together. The bride is such a strong soul!”

What a wedding to remember forever and ever, right?!

Source: KG News, News1 and theqoo

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