South Korean Woman In Her 20s Murders Another Woman After Approaching Her On A Tutoring App

The body was abandoned near a river.

On May 30, 2023, a South Korean woman in her 20s was arrested under the charges of murder and abandoning the body. The murderer had approached the victim through a tutoring app. The victim had been registered as a tutor, while the murderer claimed to be a parent with a high school kid, searching for a tutor in their 20s.

Although the app requires the tutors to be thoroughly screened and identified, the app doesn’t apply the same stringent screening measures to those registered as parents. As the two conversed, the victim claimed that the murderer’s address was too far from hers and refused to give tuition. The murderer then offered to send her kid to the victim’s house instead, easily obtaining the victim’s address.

The murderer being taken in. | News1

Upon agreeing on a trial lesson, the murderer went to the victim’s house the same day at 5.30pm in the neighborhood of Geumjeong-gu in Busan. After entering the victim’s house, she murdered the victim with a weapon before damaging the corpse. The murderer hid parts of the body in a travel bag, abandoning it near a riverside forest at dawn after taking a taxi. The taxi driver reported the murderer after finding her actions suspicious.

CCTV footage of the body bag. | News1

The police verified the victim’s body on the morning of May 27, 2023, and arrested the murderer quickly. The rest of the body was found in her house. The police stated that there seemed to be no motivation or reason for the murder and diagnosed the murder as psychopathic for the time being.

Source: Edaily

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