Korean Woman Scams Millions From People On The Road By Faking Her Pregnancy

She has conned people more than 100 times.

Currently, Jeonju Wansan police are investigating cases of traffic accident scams where a woman pretended to be pregnant and deliberately collided with passing vehicles to extort insurance money.

| The Tribune

The police only recently came across this case while investigating a traffic accident in Jeonju last October. After probing into the matter, they discovered that the incidents started around 2018, and the perpetrator has faked at least 103 accidents since then.

Jeonju Wansan police station | Google Images

The “accidents” have been occurring all over the country, including in Jeonju, Gwangju, and Busan. The suspect pretended to be pregnant to draw sympathy from her targets and deliberately went for cars driven by women to collide with her wrist or ankle. According to reports, she has received at least ₩27.0 million KRW (about $20,800 USD) from drivers and insurance companies through these fraudulent activities.

A screencap from a video showing the suspect approaching a victim’s car | Jeonbuk Provincial Police Agency

According to victims’ testimonies, the woman urged to settle the matter before getting the police involved, which allowed her to stay out of the law’s radar for so long. She reportedly used the money to pay for her living and entertainment expenses.

The police have currently apprehended the suspect, and she is undergoing investigation.

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