Korean Woman Set On Fire By A Man In His 70s After Reporting Him For Stalking

The horrifying aftermath of weak protection for stalking victims.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

On December 8, KST, the Dobong Police Station in Seoul announced that it has arrested and is investigating a 77-year-male, identified as “A,” on charges of arson and murder. The man was already under investigation for stalking his ex-girlfriend “B.”

According to reports, “B” ran a store in Dobong-gu, where “A” arrived on the evening of December 7, sprayed flammable substances on her body, and lit it up. The police believe that the man set fire to the woman in retaliation after she reported him for stalking.

“A” had already received a penalty in July this year under the Stalking Penalty Act. But he was again charged twice last month for continuously visiting and following “B.” The police investigation was apparently set to start on December 12. However, the proper personal protection measures were not taken for the victim, such as deploying patrol cars or providing smart locations.

Dobong Police Station | Wikipedia

In the aftermath of the horrifying incident, “B” is suffering from first-degree burns and receiving treatment at a hospital. The perpetrator, “A,” has also sustained third-degree burns, which has put the investigation on hold for now.

A recent against the lapse South Korean law that failed to protect women for years | BBC

A police official assured the media that the investigation would be carried out as soon as the suspect gets discharged from the hospital. Meanwhile, they are trying to figure out the exact details of the incident by talking to eyewitnesses.

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As jarringly violent as it is, it is far from a standalone incident in South Korea, where stalking-related crimes have claimed multiple lives this year alone. Just a few months ago when the case of Jeon Joo Hwan, a 31-year-old man who stalked his colleague for two years before stabbing her to death in a subway station, left the country in rage and shock. Though the case became the driving force for the newly passed anti-stalking law in the nation, the grim reality appears unchanged.

Source: SBS News
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