Korean X1 Fans Have Released A Manifesto Hoping For The Groups Disbandment

They explain why.

X1 fans have posted a manifesto requesting the termination of their contracts and to disband the group for the sake of the members.

The statement reads that CJ E&M and Mnet announced on November 14 that they would be taking the responsibility needed for the investigation concerning fraud and the manipulation of votes during all the Produce seasons. They have written their statements to protects the dreams and futures of the X1 members. They are demanding an apology from CJ E&M and disbanding the group.

They claim that because of the damage caused by the controversy, X1 was unable to work properly and was criticized despite having no say in the final ranks. They had commercial deals canceled, and broadcast appearances were prohibited due to the company’s predicament. The members were not protected and were neglected, which they say shows how irresponsible their management is.

They are refusing to allow the members’ dreams and potential to be ruined because of this and demand their disbandment.

Read their complete statement here:

Source: Naver