MIRAE’s Son Dongpyo “Scolds” Himself To Stay Woke Against Gender Norms And Stereotypes

He berated himself adorably.

MIRAE‘s Son Dongpyo (former X1) has been on the radar ever since Produce 101, where he flounced his way into everyone’s heart as a sassy little fairy. A recent live stream garnered attention when he adorably berated himself for having stereotypes!

Dongpyo was talking about the kind of son he was to his mother, and began to describe himself as a “son that is like a daughter,” given his amiable and friendly personality. As he is close with his mother, he ended up explaining it as such.

However, he quickly caught himself.

I guess she gave birth to a son that’s like a daughter. Oh no, wait, this is a stereotype! I told you (Dongpyo) to throw away any fixed notions! That’s not it. Um, she gave birth to a son that can exchange love with her more, and get along closer with her.

— Dongpyo

Fans were impressed with how he corrected himself, as well as found it adorable that he reacted so fast. He even hit his head jokingly to remind himself. It is a stereotype to assume that daughters will be closer to their mothers as compared to sons.

Catch the adorable moment below.

This is not the first time he has “fought” with himself against norms and stereotypes. Previously, when he was talking about VERIVERY‘s Kangmin, he explained that Kangmin was a little bit shy. Dongpyo guessed that handsome men were all shy, before he corrected himself for using the stereotype again.

Check out the video below.

We love ourselves a woke man!

Source: theqoo


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