A Korean YouTuber Is Being Hailed As A Hero For Catching “Spycam Perverts” And Turning Them In To The Police

His goal is to bust 100 predators!

A Korean YouTuber is currently being hailed as a hero for helping catch ‘spycam perverts’ in Seoul.

Man caught taking pictures of a group of women | 감빵인도자-몰카범참교육채널/YouTube

The issue of the ‘spycam epidemic’ in Korea is nothing new. For years, it has been debated over by activists and politicians, yet it continues to victimize people while perpetrators use the footage to sell to others or even blackmail victims. It has gotten to the point where many lists of tips for travelers going to Korea often emphasize vigilance against spycams, as it is an uncomfortably common occurrence, especially for women.

Man caught trying to take an upskirt photo | 감빵인도자-몰카범참교육채널/YouTube

In fact, it is common enough that even high-profile figures in the country have faced charges of illegally distributing spycam videos. Korean law enforcement have come up with various ways to try to catch perpetrators over the years, including an attempt to use fake spycam porn to curtail viewership and distribution of spycam videos (an operation named “Stop DownloadKill”).

Now, a Korean YouTuber is taking matters into his own hands. As reported by Korea-based freelance journalist Raphael Rashid, this local hero has shown he has a knack for finding men who are illegally filming women.

Man caught trying to take a photo of a woman in a skirt | 감빵인도자-몰카범참교육채널/YouTube

He often catches them and then hands them over to the police, even when the men beg for mercy.

Man being handed over to the police | 감빵인도자-몰카범참교육채널/YouTube

In fact, he even goes as far as instructing the police on exactly where to find the evidence of the crimes on the men’s phones.

There are instances in his videos in which the men try to apologize to him and explain themselves, claiming they’re suffering under bad circumstances. But he has the best response for that, saying, “Why are you being sorry to me? I’m not the victim.”

His goal is not only to catch these predators (he is reportedly aiming to catch 100) but to also educate people about the extent of the issue.

Koreans have been protesting for stronger penalties for spycam predators for years. Given how there hasn’t been an effective solution for the problem so far despite the laws that were made to address it, it’s no wonder that this YouTuber is being praised for taking direct action.

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