Korean YouTuber Under Fire For Exposing An Idol And Actor Pair Having A Meal Together

It led to people guessing about the identities of the pair.

A Korean YouTuber was recently called out for their lack of respect for celebrities’ privacy. In a vlog video, the YouTuber panned to the table nearby before spilling to the camera that the party consisted of an idol and an actor.

| via Nate Pann

It was not specified which of the two was the idol or actor, leaving fans guessing. The YouTuber continued to elaborate that there was “an idol and an actor sitting at the terrace.

They also expressed their shock at how “very thin” they were.

While some might brush it off as a casual sighting within a vlog day, others were quick to point out that it was a breach of privacy.

  • “Because they’re meeting so openly outside, they probably are just friends and nothing more. You can’t even see them clearly so let’s stop guessing.”
  • “Isn’t this considered illegal filming?”
  • “Huh, but a YouTuber is uploading the private lives of an idol and actor? Even if you can’t see their faces well, if they upload a video, it’s so obvious that people will start guessing. They didn’t think this through.”

Despite the blurry and low-quality shot, the fact that the YouTuber decided to publicize it and spill the details on their channel was called out strongly.

Source: Nate Pann
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