Koreans Are Saying #SorryToFilipinos For Racism Controversy

Korean netizens are apologizing to Filipinos for the #CancelKorea controversy.

Korean netizens are reaching out with love to Filipinos after days of tension and heated debates about racism.

It all began on September 5, when Filipina TikToker Bella Poarch received backlash from Korean netizens for a tattoo that incorporates Japan’s Rising Sun flag.

Although she apologized and promised to remove the tattoo, malicious commenters seized the opportunity to insult Bella Poarch and Filipinos everywhere with racist comments.

Outraged netizens responded by trending #CancelKorea and related hashtags on Twitter to draw attention to the relationship between South Korea and the Philippines and the discrimination they face.

Now, Korean netizens are apologizing to Filipinos with the hashtag #SorryToFilipinos. They want everyone who was hurt by the malicious comments to know that those netizens don’t represent all Koreans.

Now, both sides are hoping to leave this controversy in the past and move forward together with love and respect.