Koreans Wonder What Happened To K-Hiphop Artist Dean But He Was Recently Spotted Out And About

Fans have spotted him.

South Korean rapper and R&B artist Dean is one of the most beloved K-Hiphop artists globally. The star’s hit song, “Half Moon,” is still widely appreciated all over the world.

He made his debut in 2016 with 130 Mood: TRBL, collaborating with both American and South Korean artists. An early hit of his was “Pour Up,” featuring megastar Zico. 2018 was a year of success for him, as he charted with “Instagram.” Following that year, he only appeared through features with other artists, such as IU’s “Troll.”

Fans got excited in 2021, when he teased fans with a photo some music files on his computer. He also made a statement to reassure fans that he was working on an album with his team.

My team and I have built, destroyed, built again, only to destroy again. We rode this out so many times and went through so much trial and error since 2019.

Dear fans, please hang in there just a little longer. Love you all.

Let me show you how I’m different.

I’m just a workaholic.

— DEAN on Instagram

That was the last that fans heard from him. Fast forward two years later, Dean still remains incognito. Even his close friends, rappers Zico and Crush, are unable to contact him. Fans are growing worried about the star. On the other hand, the public also believes that he might simply just want to retire from the industry.

Netizens wonder where Dean is. | theqoo
  • I understand how he feels. Perhaps as time passes, he simply feels more and more pressure from his own self. I think this is why it is important to keep releasing music, even just singles, in order to adjust expectations.
  • Even Crush can’t get in touch with him… It’s hopeless.
  • Did something happen…
  • Maybe he just doesn’t want to be active…?
  • Did something happen? Even Crush and Zico said they can’t get in touch with him. I’m worried.
  • Gasp… What a surprise. I listened to “Instagram” a lot. So he never had a full-length album. Fans must be so vexed.
  • Did something happen?
  • That’s what I’m saying.
  • He probably just doesn’t want to do it LOL.

Luckily for fans, in May 2023, he was spotted by a fan who confirmed with Dean that he was still working on music. Dean plans to drop his album some time this year, and deactivated his Instagram account to focus.

More recently, on June 14, 2023, he was spotted with artist Rad Museum in Yeonnamdong, Seoul.

Fans were reassured once more that he is safe and well!

Source: Theqoo
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