Korea’s Most Powerful Agencies Vote On K-Pop’s Top Idols

Korean music has become a common sight on international charts, these top entertainment companies share their thoughts on the most influential groups in Korea.

As K-Pop continues to become a global phenomenon, Korean groups are being featured overseas more and more often. But who’s leading the charge as the next generation of the Hallyu Wave takes over the world’s speakers?

BTS and TWICE dominated the ballots and were chosen as the most influential male and female groups, receiving 18 and 17 out of 20 votes respectively.


BTS is no longer only a domestic powerhouse. They have been topping the iTunes album sales charts in 23 different countries and have set multiple records on the Billboard charts. One entertainment official who voted credited BTS’s success to their fans, saying,

“The fandom is the most important factor for a male idol group and this is what determines if they succeed or fail. BTS has been producing eye-popping content such as their music and choreographies to receive even more attention from their fandom.”

Entertainment Official

Another said that the reason BTS is so influential is that they communicate with their fans a lot,

“BTS knows how to provide fun and excitement to their fans and this helps bring the entire fandom together. BTS has been constantly communicating with their fans and creating content for them to enjoy.”

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TWICE’s success can be credited to their massive domestic fan base. It has only been 1 year since the group debuted and they are quickly becoming known as one of Korea’s top girl groups. Some of the reasons that the company representatives voted for TWICE include “their songs are good” and “the members have good character”.

One entertainment official elaborated that the group’s survival show helped bring them attention, saying,

“TWICE has become the main character in the latest generation of girl groups and they created their group through member selection on their survival program. This show received nationwide interest and their fans are able to support them as their songs and choreography can be easily followed along to. They can do cute, girl crush, and sporty concepts, and their cute styling and song lyrics complement each other, creating a new national girl group.”

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Another entertainment official chose TWICE’s string of hit title songs as the reason for their success.

“In a time where there was no ‘National Song’, TWICE came out and release 4 songs in a row that became massive hits within the country. The harmonization of the Korean and foreign members and their characters became so popular that their fandom naturally grew. They also have lyrics that the younger generations can easily follow.”

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The following is a list of all the entertainment agencies that voted.

  • Mystic Entertainment
  • Big Hit Entertainment
  • Brand New Music
  • Starship Entertainment
  • Star Empire
  • Santa Music
  • Woolim Entertainment
  • WIDMAY Entertainment
  • Amoeba Culture
  • Jellyfish Entertainment
  • Pledis Entertainment
  • Cube Entertainment
  • Happy Robot Records
  • GYM Entertainment
  • JYP Entertainment
  • MBK Entertainment
  • Rainbow Bridge World
  • SM Entertainment
  • YG Entertainment
  • YNB Entertainment

Source: Sports Chosun

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