These Are The 7 K-Pop Albums That Just Received Impressive New Gaon Certifications

One of the certificates is the artist’s first one achieved!

Every month, Gaon Charts announces new certifications for K-Pop albums and songs that have reached certain numbers of sales, downloads, or streams. These are always huge achievements for artists, and are worth congratulating when they’re announced!

For the album category, an album will receive a platinum certification at 250k sales, double platinum at 500k sales, triple platinum at 750k sales, and a million certification at one million sales (as well as double, triple, etc. for multiple-million sales).

On September 9, Gaon awarded new certifications to 7 K-Pop albums!

Four of the albums were given platinum awards, meaning that they’ve sold 250,000 or more copies. The first one of these is D.O.‘s solo debut album, Empathy, which came out on July 26! Since that date, the album has sold about 283k units, and since it’s the EXO member’s debut album, it’s also his first certificate won.

The next album to reach this milestone is the kit version of NCT DREAM‘s Hello Future. While the non-kit version of the album has received the triple platinum award, it’s still impressive that this version has reached over 250,000 sales, since it’s the only kit album besides NCT‘s Resonance Pt. 2 kit album to earn a Gaon certification!

Third to earn a new platinum certification is MONSTA X‘s Take.1 Are You There? album, which was released back on October 22, 2018. Though it took almost three years, the album has now sold over the 250,000 units required for this certification, and is the fifth album of the group’s to achieve this feat!

Finally for this category, SEVENTEEN‘s special album, Director’s Cut, is the last to get platinum certification this month. It was released on February 5, 2018, and was the reissued version of their Teen, Age album, which came out in November of 2017.

Two albums earned double platinum certifications in September, which means that they’ve both surpassed 500,000 sales! Incredibly, rookie group ENHYPEN has already reached this milestone with their album Border: Day One, which was released on November 30, 2020. They’re the only rookie group to earn a Gaon certificate this month, and a very impressive one at that!

BLACKPINK‘s iconic Kill This Love album, which came out on April 5, 2019, is the second album to earn a double platinum certificate this month. They have three other albums with Gaon certifications, with The Album being their best seller with a million certificate.

Finally, the last album to earn a new Gaon certification in September is BTS‘s latest single album, Butter! Released on July 9 this year, the album has already surpassed 2 million sales (and in fact is right around 2.5 million), earning it a double million certification and skipping right past all of the others.

Congratulations to all the artists with new certifications this month!