K-Pop Backup Dancer Goes Viral For His Resemblance To GOT7’s Jackson Wang And Youngjae

He has worked with GOT7 a lot too!

A backup dancer is going viral for his resemblance to not one but two GOT7 members.

Leader Jay B is on his TAPE: PRESS PAUSE Encore tour in Asia. He recently performed a couple of shows in Bangkok, Thailand. While he himself is going viral, especially for taking off his shirt

His backup dancers have been going viral, too, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, his iconic reaction to Jay B going shirtless…

One fan captured a couple of dancers, including the very handsome man, happily interacting with the fans.

The video has garnered 15.3K views at the time of writing. Netizens agree the dancers could be K-Pop idols themselves!

Yet, one Ahgase quote-tweeted, pointing out that the male backup dancer actually bares some resemblance to two K-Pop idols: Jay B’s fellow GOT7 members Jackson Wang and Youngjae.

Many Ahgases agreed. There is totally a resemblance, and we can’t unsee it! His smile especially is similar to Youngjae’s.

What do you think?

Do Won | @taae_nm/Twitter
Do Won (left) and Jackson (right) | @nowoddowon/Instagram

The dancer in question is actually a K-Pop backup dancer named Park Do Won. He has worked with SHINEE, BoA, IU, SEVENTEEN, GOT7, and more.

Backup dancers, including Do Won, with SHINee | @nowoddowon/Instagram
Backup dancers, including Do Won, with BoA | @nowoddowon/Instagram
Backup dancers, including Do Won, with SEVENTEEN | @nowoddowon/Instagram
Backup dancers, including Do Won, with GOT7 | @nowoddowon/Instagram

He occasionally uploads vlogs on his YouTube channel, which include English subtitles. His recent video is from when he traveled to London, England, for Jackson’s MAGIC MAN World Tour. 

He has been very busy lately with both Jay B and Jackson’s world tours!

You can also stay up-to-date with Do Won on Instagram @nowoddowon. He shares photos from his tours, travels, and more.

Check out more from Do Won below.

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