K-Pop Composer Bobby Jung Imprisoned For Sexual Misconduct

He has worked with the likes of BTS and TXT.

Composer Bobby Jung, also known as Jung Dae Wook of the indie band Autumn Vacation, has been imprisoned for a year over charges of illegally filming a nude woman without her consent.

The Seoul Western District Court has sentenced Jung to 40 hours of sexual violence education along with jail time and a five-year ban from working at any facilities that serve children, young people, or disabled people.

Jung filmed victim ‘A’s body illegally without consent, and the victim is experiencing significant mental shock and humiliation. While the victim’s side is requesting severe punishment for Jung’s action, Jung did not demonstrate an attitude of reflection. Taking into account that Jung did not distribute this footage to anyone, and that he has no similar offense, Jung is hereby sentenced to 1 year in prison.

—Seoul Western District Court’s verdict

However, Jung was acquitted of the charges of sexual assault due to the lack of sufficient evidence.

In May 2020, Bobby Jung faced another set of accusations for illegally filming and sexually assaulting victim ‘B,’ a 20-year-old aspiring singer whom he was dating. The case received much media attention after it was revealed that the victim had taken their own life following the incident. Jung pleaded “not guilty” during the trial, and the case was dismissed in January. After ‘B’ filed her case in February, the prosecution merged the two cases and indicted Jung without detention last year under the Sexual Violence Crime Penalty Act.

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Apart from being a member of Autumn Vacation, Jung is also known as a composer. He has participated in many notable projects such as “134340” and “Home” by BTS and “20cm” and Roller Coaster” by TXT.

Source: Yonhap
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