K-Pop Directors Reveal What Makes A Music Video A Success—And It’s Not A Big Budget

The key is something else entirely.

Usually, the higher a company’s budget for a music video, the more extravagant the set. That doesn’t mean, however, that a music video with a small budget can’t be a success!

Kim Ji Hwan, a camera director, and Song Na Ra, an art director, revealed their thoughts about this topic in a recent video with YouTube channel AYO.

Kim Ji Hwan (left) and Song Na Ra (right) | @AYO/YouTube

Both professionals have worked on many K-Pop music videos throughout the years, including some from IZ*ONE, EXO, and Super Junior. They have also directed the music videos of groups from smaller companies, so they’ve definitely seen both ends of the spectrum.

Song Na Ra explained that the most important aspect is not the budget but the music video’s concept.

I think concept is the most important thing. If they try to build an expensive set with a small budget, it would look empty. It might look more fun and nice depending on the concept.

— Song Na Ra

Moreover, she believes that having a big budget does not equate to having a good music video. “I don’t think it necessarily becomes a good music video just because you spend a lot of money.

Kim Ji Hwan agreed and added that a defining factor is how well everything comes together. Even if the budget for the music video is small, he can immediately tell if the song will be a hit depending on the idols’ reactions.

When the artists, song, director, and staff all work in harmony, I can feel that it’s gonna come out great. Like when the singers look happy or they really enjoyed it, I feel like the song will make it big.

— Kim Ji Hwan

At the end of the day, what matters the most is the theme and concept of the music video! One such music video that garnered widespread praise, for example, is BTS’s “Stay Gold.”

| @BTS_twt/Twitter
| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Learn more about K-Pop MVs from professionals themselves in the full episode below.

Source: AYO