K-Pop Fans Hijack #WhiteLivesMatter Hashtag To Combat Racism

Stan Twitter has taken over another hashtag to help the Black Lives Matter movement.

Once again, K-Pop fans are joining forces to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

For years, Twitter users have begged the site to end the constant stream of K-Pop fancams that latch onto popular posts and trending hashtags. These videos of idols, posted by fans for views, seemed to serve no other purpose than annoying users, but now fancams are proving to be surprisingly useful.

For days, stan Twitter has been using their social media savvy to aid the protestors calling for justice for George Floyd and an end to racism. So far, fancams have interfered with the Dallas Police Department‘s iWatch app and taken over hashtags to protect and support protesters.

On June 3, the hacktivist collective Anonymous recruited a “K-Pop division” to take out the #BlueLivesMatter hashtag, and it worked. Big time!

Not only did stan Twitter flood #BlueLivesMatter, they also got to work on #WhiteLivesMatter. This hashtag might have been intended to promote white supremacy and draw attention away from #BlackLivesMatter, but now it’s just another has-been hashtag in stan Twitter’s collection.

Anonymous has congratulated fans who have “successfully conquered” the #BlueLivesMatter and #WhiteLivesMatter hashtags.

Now the only question is; which hashtags will be next?

Black Lives Matter