The K-Pop Idol Who Dropped Out Of School Because Of His Rival Female Idol

Someone needs to turn this into a good movie or show.

An old episode of MBLAQ‘s Mnet show Sesame Player recently resurfaced after a netizen spotted an exciting story that the group’s member G.O. shared on camera.

MBLAQ member G.O. | @ jung_g_o/instagram

In a post titled “G.O. who dropped out of high school because of Taeyeon,” the O.P. (original poster) included the screencaps from Sesame Player, where G.O. revealed his intriguing history with SNSD‘s Taeyeon. According to his story, while G.O. was in school, he participated in a nationwide singing competition and came second. But he was in shock once he realized that the first-place winner was none other than Taeyeon, who was two years his junior.

Taeyeon |

The defeat shook up G.O. so much that he resolved to work harder and put music over his school.

So, I realized this won’t do it. I thought, ‘I have to rise higher’ and made an earnest request to my parents. I dropped out of school and started preparing to become a singer.


After quitting school, G.O. ended up taking the GED (Graduation Equivalency Examination) later and got into college.

Screengrab from the “Sesame Players” segment where G.O. shared the story | Nate

Netizens found this anecdote pretty inspiring seeing how far both G.O. and Taeyeon have come in their careers. Both artists were praised by commentators under the original post for their talent and resilience.

Despite this school-time “rivalry,” Taeyeon and G.O. actually shared a pretty close friendship from their pre-debut times to even after their respective groups became successful.

A picture of Taeyeon and G.O. from 2012 shared by the MBLAQ vocalist himself | Twitter
Source: Nate
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