The 3 K-Pop Idols Who Attended Day 1 Of aespa’s “SYNK: HYPER LINE” Concert

One of them came straight from the airport to attend.

On February 25, aespa held their first concert, SYNK: HYPER LINE, where they surprised fans with special stages and unreleased songs. They also received support from three of their SM Entertainment seniors who attended.


While aespa were on stage, they were notified of a few special guests in the audience. Because there were so many fans, they had a bit of trouble finding their “unnies (older sisters).”

Red Velvet‘s Yeri and Irene were sitting in the audience, prepared with aespa lightsticks to cheer the girls on. They were adorably shy when the camera zoomed in on them. There was also another special guest.

The camera then focused on TVXQ‘s Yunho, who was also prepared with a lightstick. Aespa immediately thanked the veteran artist for attending. Fans also noticed something touching about Yunho’s appearance.

Not only did Yunho return from TVXQ’s TOHOSHINKI LIVE TOUR 2023 ~CLASSYC~ tour in Japan the day before, but he showed up to aespa’s concert right after landing in Korea the next day—in his exact airport outfit. Yunho truly didn’t want to miss the girls’ first concert.


Aespa seemed happy to see their seniors cheering them on for the first day of their concert.

Source: Twitter