Original K-Pop Songs Are Being Credited On YouTube To Their Chinese Remakes — IU, Younha And More Are Affected

The royalties will not be correctly paid.

A Korean netizen noticed that songs that were originally K-Pop, have recently been credited to their Chinese remakes on YouTube. Many songs from famous artists have been affected, including IU, Younha, Brown Eyes, Davichi and g.o.d. As songs often are remade into different languages, this in itself does not pose a problem. However, the issue lies in that the original Korean songs on YouTube were registered under the copyright for the remakes.

This results in royalties and fees being paid to the remakes instead of the originals, despite the video in question being of the original K-Pop song. Younha herself noticed the issue when a fan had tagged her and her agency in a story. Attached is a screenshot of an hour loop of Younha’s “Waiting” on YouTube, miscredited to a Chinese singer.

| theqoo

More netizens revealed that the following songs were also affected.

  • Lee Seung Cheol‘s “Western Sky”
  • Davichi’s “From Me To You”
  • IU’s “Morning Tears”
  • Toy‘s “Good Person”
  • Brown Eyes’ “Already A Year”
  • g.o.d’s “Road”
| theqoo

Whether or not the matter was committed on purpose, has yet to be revealed. Neither official agencies nor YouTube have spoken on the matter.

Source: theqoo