9 New K-Pop Songs Just Debuted On Billboard’s Digital Song Sales Chart — Including Five From A Single Soloist

9 new songs in one week!?

Last week, five new K-Pop songs made it onto Billboard‘s World Digital Song Sales chart, which is more than what is typically seen on a weekly basis. This week’s chart, however, has almost double that amount of new K-Pop songs debuting, over half of which are from a single soloist!

The World Digital Song Sales chart is updated weekly to show which international singles are making the most sales in the United States, and although it’s pretty common for one or a couple of new K-Pop songs to make it onto the chart each week, 9 were added to it this week.

The highest-ranking newly debuted song is “Encore” by GOT7. It’s first week on the chart is spent at #3, which makes it tied with five other GOT7 songs (“Just Right”, “Home Run”, “Never Ever”, “Look”, and “You Calling My Name”) to peak at #3.

They’ve now had 33 of their songs make it onto the list, the top-charting of which are “Fly”, “Hard Carry”, and “Lullaby”, all of which peaked at #2!

The next highest-charting song to be added this week is “Don’t Call Me” by SHINee, placed at #8. While they’ve had many songs peak at higher positions — with “View” reaching the highest at #2 — this is still a great accomplishment for the second generation group, and it’s possible it could reach higher placements in the future!

The highest-charting soloist to make it onto the World Digital Song Sales chart this time around is MONSTA X‘s I.M.

He recently dropped the mini-album Duality that has five tracks with the title song “God Damn”, which is placed at #9 for its debut on the chart.

This isn’t the rapper’s only song to chart this week, however! In fact, the entirety of I.M’s mini-album made it onto the list, which is even more impressive by the fact that this is his first time making it onto the chart as a soloist. “Howlin'” comes in at #17; “Happy to Die” is ranked at #19; “Deadhead (Flower-ed)” at #20; and “Burn” at #21.

I.M isn’t the only soloist to have multiple songs debut on the chart this week! Sunmi‘s “Tail” spends its first week at #13, and “What the Flower” also made it onto the list at #18.

These are the soloist’s 9th and 10th songs to make it onto the chart, with “Gashina”, “Heroine”, and “Noir” all tying for her top-charting with a peak at #3.

Besides these, 10 other K-Pop songs are listed on the World Digital Song Sales chart this week as well. BTS, as usual, has the most, with six total: “Inner Child” at #1; “Life Goes On” at #2; “Blue & Grey” at #5; “Euphoria” at #11; “My Time” at #12; and “Telepathy” at #23.

The four other K-Pop songs are BLACKPINK‘s “How You Like That” at #7; Kang Daniel‘s “Paranoia” at #14; Chungha‘s “Bicycle” at #16; and PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” at #24.

Congratulations to all the artists who had songs make it onto the chart this week!