TWS’s “Plot Twist” Is Now One Of The Highest-Charting K-Pop Boy Group Debut Songs In MelOn History

Only three groups ranked higher!

We’ve written previously about how well TWSPledis Entertainment‘s new rookie boy group, has been performing on music charts. It has been refreshing to see a K-Pop boy group do well on Korean charts after a long period where they have been overwhelmingly dominated by girl groups, and fans have been excited to see just how far their success would go!


The group’s debut song “Plot Twist” has been rapidly going viral on multiple social media platforms, which has led to its quick rise on Korean music charts such as MelOn and Bugs. However, no one seemed to anticipate just how high it would go!

| @TWS_PLEDIS/Twitter

As of the latest update, “Plot Twist” has reached a peak of #11 on the MelOn daily chart. That makes TWS’s debut song the fourth highest-charting boy group debut song on MelOn since 2014, surpassed only by WINNER‘s “Empty”, iKON‘s “My Type”, and Wanna One‘s “Energetic”.

And given that “Plot Twist” is only continuing to get more attention as time passes, it’s not unlikely that TWS will reach even higher ranks on MelOn and other charts.

| @TWS_PLEDIS/Twitter

Fans are elated over TWS’s growing popularity only about three weeks since they first debuted, and they’ve really been living up to the name of being SEVENTEEN‘s younger brother group!

Just how high do you think “Plot Twist” will rank on these charts?