Krystal Reveals She Is Always Open For A f(x) Reunion

She’s always ready.

Krystal, who recently played her first lead role in the comedy film More Than Family, held an interview to talk about her role as a pregnant woman and her efforts to play the role well.

According to the Korea Times, “In the film, Jung plays To-il, a pregnant college student who heads out on a mission to find her birth father Hwan-gyu (played by Lee Hae-young), whom she hasn’t heard from for more than a decade, before her wedding.”

She also revealed how her sister, former Girls’ Generation member Jessica, felt about her role.

My sister just took it for what it was. We just do our own individual work. We just trust each other. My mom and dad were curious as to why I chose this role. But they didn’t ask me up front about it. My family just understands my choices and supports me.

⁠— Krystal

| H& Entertainment

When asked about f(x), she revealed that she is always ready. “I naturally started acting, but it doesn’t mean that I have given up singing and will only do acting. It was just the timing of everything that got us this far. I am upset when my fans are upset. I wondered why they thought that doing acting would mean that I quit being a singer.”

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She also added that it isn’t easy to make certain things happen. “I am always open. I have never made an official statement about anything so I hope fans don’t misunderstand me. Things don’t happen just because we want it to. There is a lot that goes into preparing and making an album. There were some things that happened that are to remain private, and I was pretty sad about it. The members always talk about how we might be able to get together in the future.”

Fans hope that they will be able to return as a group in the near future.

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