KTX Reveals Reasons Why They Accepted BTS Jungkook’s Birthday Advertisement

The power of BTS!

In celebration of BTS Jungkook’s birthday, Korea’s KTX (Korea Train Express) allowed for an outer train wrapping advertisement for the first time in 16 years. This was made possible by one of his fan bases from China!


Taking a look at the perspective of KORAIL officials, they admit that they did debate quite a bit regarding this advertisement. Although they have done wrapping advertisements to promote local tourist attractions and international events on the trains, it is the first time to post a commercial advertisement since their last one back in 2004.


The officials were initially torn with the request to put up this advertisement. For those that were against the request, they stated, “By posting commercial advertisements rather than promoting local or national events, it could bring about unneeded controversy to the company.”

But for those that accepted the request for the advertisement had a different perspective.

The number of passengers rapidly declined due to the impact of COVID-19 so it was necessary to find a new source of revenue. With the Korean wave, especially K-Pop, it can help bring in foreign currency. If the wrapping advertisement gains attention overseas it can also increase recognition of the KTX.


In the end, they agreed to go forth with the request and wrapped the train that travels from Seoul to Busan on both sides with Jungkook’s face and birthday messages.

It is true that we feel a bit of pressure as to how the reaction will be to the advertisement, but with the management situation going through difficult times, hopefully this can open up a new advertisement market for the future and help the Korean wave while doing it.

⁠— KORAIL official

The power and influence of BTS and Jungkook has come to light once again! This Jungkook-wrapped train will run for the entire month of September with the first train setting off on September 1 at 8:30 AM KST from Haengsin Station.

Source: joongang ilbo