Kwanghee Recalls Crying In The Washroom Of The Ilsan MBC Building During Work Hours

It hasn’t been easy for him either.

Kwanghee has made a name for himself as an absolute king in the world of Korean entertainment, with variety shows being his specialty.

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But ahead of the premiere of MBC‘s Going to Work Anyway, Kwanghee made the unexpected revelation that he once cried in the washroom of the Ilsan MBC building because of the hardships that come with the job.

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While talking about the qualifications of hosting a show about the life of a working civilian, Kwanghee questioned if he had enough experience out in the real world to do the show justice.

Kim Goo Ra Sunbaenim has a lot of experience out in the real world, so he would know. But I’m no different from a newbie.

— Kwanghee

But Kim Goo Ra begged to differ.

That’s when Kwanghee elaborated on how it hasn’t been easy for him either.

The truth is, I’ve been very mindful of what other people think of me while doing this job. The job may be different, but it’s the same as any other job.

— Kwanghee

He even described the extent of his hardships with an example.

I was so wary of what other people thought and said that I cried in the washroom of the MBC building in Ilsan.

— Kwanghee

“Going To Work Anyway” | MBC

And Kim Goo Ra attempted to comfort him by reminding him of just how pivotal his role is in the industry.

You were born in 1988, so you’re at an age where you play a pivotal role in society.

— Kim Goo Ra

On that note, Kwanghee promised to use his own background to do the show justice.

“Going To Work Anyway” | MBC

The much-anticipated variety show is currently airing on MBC.

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