Kwon Eunbi Becomes Emotional When A Familiar Face Appears On Her KCON Video Call

We’re still crying thinking about this!

Kwon Eunbi had a very successful solo debut with “Door” this past month and is now ready to take the next step by doing her first KCON stage as a soloist.

Eunbi at KCON |

While some may find this intimidating, Eunbi nailed it. In the middle of her performance, Eunbi took a fan video call. This has become a tradition during recent KCONs due to the pandemic. Video calls allow the idols to make personal connections with fans without any of the current risk.

Eunbi performing BoA’s “Woman” during KCON | @eunchanted927/Twitter

As Eunbi prepared herself for a video call with a fan, a familiar face appeared on the screen instead. IZ*ONE‘s Jo Yuri popped up, ready to cheer on her former leader.

Eunbi was initially shocked speechless at Yuri’s surprise appearance, but once she’d come back to herself, she became emotional.

However, Yuri didn’t leave room for the emotion to stop, as she had prepared a heartfelt letter to congratulate Eunbi on her solo success.

Hello Eunbi unnie, this is Yuri. I came here today to be a strength for unnie who is alone on the stages that we used to perform together on. As I watched you work hard to prepare for ‘Door’ and the song first came out, I was happy as if it was my own song, you have no idea!


It’s great to see you doing so well and you’re so cool unnie! Finish the rest of the stages well and to everyone watching, please enjoy until the end. Unnie! Let’s go eat together after the holidays are over. I love you, Kwon Eunbi!


Just like Eunbi, the fans in the virtual audience couldn’t hold in their tears at the genuine words Yuri delivered.

Eunbi was quickly trending on Twitter alongside Yuri as more and more fans were made aware of this sweet story. Many fans were touched by Yuri’s heartfelt surprise.

Eunbi was able to finish her performance and, with Yuri’s help, deliver a KCON many fans will never forget. We can’t wait to see what KCON may have in store for Eunbi in the future. To see more about how IZ*ONE has celebrated Eunbi’s solo comeback, check out the article below:

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