Kwon Eunbi Has A “Proud Mom” Moment When Her IZ*ONE “Children” Show Up To Support Her Solo MV

“Please get my kids on camera.”

Kwon Eunbi just made her solo debut with her fierce new song “Door” and fans are already obsessed with how her IZ*ONE members celebrated this major accomplishment.

| @fakesizonedani/Twitter

In her recent MV making video, Eunbi revealed that not only did her members congratulate her debut, but they were also there to support her throughout the filming process.

“Door” | wooliment/YouTube 

The first member shown in this cute behind-the-scenes was Kang Hyewon. While watching Eunbi film, Hyewon couldn’t help but fall in love with her choreography and asked Eunbi to teach her the point dance. Eunbi, of course, gladly did so.

“Is that the highlight of the dance? Teach me!” | 권은비 – KWON EUN BI/YouTube 
“Go like this and roar!” “Roar!” | 권은비 – KWON EUN BI/YouTube 

After learning the move, the two took pictures together where they formed an adorable heart.

(They took a picture together) | 권은비 – KWON EUN BI/YouTube 

Later on, another group of guests dropped by. At first glance, some may not recognize these triplets as they were all wearing masks but eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed it was the “JoYuriz” combo of Choi YenaKim Chaewon, and Jo Yuri.

(Third group of guests visiting Eunbi a.ka Eunbi’s kids) “No one knows about us.” | 권은비 – KWON EUN BI/YouTube
“JoYuriz” | @kimchaewonpics/Twitter

When addressing them on set, Eunbi adorably told her camera operator to “please get my kids on camera.”

“Please get my kids on camera.” | 권은비 – KWON EUN BI/YouTube 

The trio showed great enthusiasm about their leaders upcoming solo debut.

“Good Luck!” | 권은비 – KWON EUN BI/YouTube 

We love seeing these girls support each other! What are your thoughts on Eunbi’s solo debut? Let us know and to watch her full MV making film, check out the video below: