Here’s What Kwon Eunbi Would’ve Done If She Hadn’t Become A K-Pop Idol

She’d be so good at this! 💕

Former IZ*ONE‘s Kwon Eunbi has just made her solo debut with the song “Door” and as a part of her promotions she has been revealing different sides of herself during her interviews.

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In one interview, Eunbi was asked something fans are curious about for most idols; “What would you have done if you weren’t an idol?”

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Eunbi thought on the question for a second before giving her chosen alternate life path.

I like children so probably a kindergarten teacher.


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She then reiterated her reasoning behind becoming a kindergarten teacher, enthusiastically sharing “I love children.”

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While this might initially be unexpected, Eunbi meets all the qualifications for the job. During her time on Produce 48, Eunbi was always willing to lend a helping hand and teach members of her groups. Her teaching often led to her group’s success like during her performance of “Sorry Not Sorry”.

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As IZ*ONE’s leader, Eunbi showed off kindness and strength every time she assisted a member without drawing attention to an issue like when Wonyoung‘s mic cover fell off during a radio show appearance.

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Finally, during an appearance on Hello Counselor, Eunbi showed just how good she is with children. When a young girl said she wanted to be homeschooled, Eunbi related to the child and was able to talk to her openly.


While we’re glad Eunbi is a K-Pop idol, we know that she would’ve made an excellent kindergarten teacher in another timeline. What are your thoughts on Eunbi’s alternate career choice? Let us know and to see her full interview, check out the video below: