Kwon Eunbi Confesses Her Love Life Has Changed Since Viral “WATERBOMB” Performance

The idol’s honesty may surprise you.

Singer Kwon Eunbi revealed that men have asked her out since her viral WATERBOMB moment.

Kwon Eunbi | iMBC

On September 4, Kwon Eunbi was a guest on a YouTube show.

On this day, the idol revealed that she wanted to get married in her early-to-mid thirties. When asked what she would do if she made a lot of money, Kwon Eunbi shared her future plans.

If I make a lot of money, I need to plan for my future, get married, and buy a house.

— Kwon Eunbi

Tak Jae Hoon, the show’s host, then asked if Kwon Eunbi was in love, to which the idol answered “No,” but did confess that several men had contacted her after the 2023 WATERBOMB Festival.

There are several men who have been contacting me since WATERBOMB. If I don’t feel their sincerity, I just thank them (for their interest) and move on.

— Kwon Eunbi

Kwon Eunbi also revealed what her ideal type was. The idol shared that she was into men who were cute.

I like guys who are cute, like a tofu.

— Kwon Eunbi

Meanwhile, Kwon Eunbi’s popularity has soared this past summer due to her viral performances at the 2023 WATERBOMB concerts. The summer festival, which features artists interacting with fans via water fights, may never be the same after Kwon Eunbi set a new bar for sexy performances.

Watch Kwon Eunbi’s full appearance in the link below!

Source: newsen