Kwon Eunbi Shocks Korean Netizens After Revealing Her Weight On TV

“I can’t believe it…”

Celebrity lives are constantly under the spotlight, and even the smallest of personal details can cause a stir. The recent episode of MBC‘s popular variety show, Point of Omniscient Interference, provided one such revelation that left netizens both envious and astonished.

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During her guest appearance on the show, popular singer Kwon Eunbi took viewers on an intimate journey into her day-to-day routine, as seen through the eyes of her dedicated manager. Amid the many engaging snippets of her life, a particular scene caught the attention of viewers across the nation.

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As Eunbi confidently stood on a scale, the number that flashed was a mere “44.7 kg”. Without missing a beat, the artist cheerfully exclaimed, “I lost weight!

Eunbi, who has always been known for her stunning visuals and enviable physique, garnered even more attention with this revelation. What left many in awe was how the singer could maintain such impressive proportions while weighing so little.

Soon after the broadcast, Korean online forums and social media platforms buzzed with reactions. Many fans and casual viewers expressed sheer amazement at Eunbi’s weight, considering her well-defined curves and the aura she carries.

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  • “I… need to reflect.”
  • “Wow. She is a celebrity, after all.”
  • “So skinny…! But she has all the curves. I’m jealous.”
  • “Leaning on the wall or not, she’s frickin’ skinny. That’s a fact.”
  • “She’s on the shorter side, but she has such great proportions. I had no idea.”
  • “Eunbi’s so pretty! I can’t believe she’s only 44 kilograms with that kind of figure.”
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While the collective surprise is noteworthy, it is essential to remember that weight is just a number and doesn’t define a person’s beauty, talent, or worth. Eunbi’s charm goes beyond her physique — her music, personality, and charisma are what truly endear her to her fans.

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The singer’s comfort in sharing her weight speaks volumes about her confidence, and it’s a reminder for all of us to embrace ourselves, numbers aside.

Source: Instiz